Our idea to create AVRARIA started in 2020. After many years living in the region of Ouro Preto, Brazil creating bonds with locals working in the extraction of precious stones, we realized that few were actually benefiting from the inequitable commerce made abroad with the result of their hardwork. That’s when we decided that a fair system had to be put in place.



Far inland, hundred of miles from the coast of Brazil, the old mines of gold and gems lie among the valleys of Ouro Preto (UNESCO World Heritage since 1980). The city Ouro Preto is a living memory of the first expeditions to find precious metals and minerals during the 17th century. OP was built on a rocky ground 3.000 feet above the sea level; its stone paved streets are winding up and down through steep hills crowned with some of the region’s oldest Rococo Catholic churches. The gold found in the area has a dark appearance generated by a thin layer of iron oxide which gave the city it’s name Ouro Preto (Black Gold). The city is also known internationally to hide some of the very last mines of Imperial Topaz of the world…


Our aim is to only offer our clients the most beautiful gems. The difficulty lies in the capacity to detect the potential of raw and freshly extracted stones. Our partnerships with local workers allow us, thanks to their lifelong experience of these stones, to select the most exceptional findings.

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It is widely assumed that the name ‟topaze‟ would originally come from the greek name of the island Zabargad in the Red sea : Topazos.
The appelation ‟Imperial‟ originates from Russian Tsars who decided to name it this way because of its deep orange colour.

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Raw imperial topaze are naturally found in linear shape, hence most of the final stones are cut in shapes like pears, ovals or marquises. Final cut gems above 5 carats are quite rare. Final value depends on the combination of many factors quality of the stone and the cut, size and colour.

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Imperial topaz range of colors varies from golden to purple. In terms of top rarity and value, cherry red and pink (0.5%) are pretty unique, then would come the deep orange ones. The colour saturation and the lack of any impurities or inclusions will also greatly impact the value of the stones.


We offer all type of stones including: Imperial Topaz, Blue Topaz, Emeralds, Tourmaline (Green/ Watermelon / Paraíba / Bi-Color / Blue Green), Rubellite, Amethyst, Aquamarine and many more...